What is a CFO – How are they different than a CPA or business coach, and why do you need one? 

You’ve seen my CFO services listed on my website but may still be unsure about what that means. Here a few things that set a CFO apart from the rest of your finance and consulting team:

  1. Businesses hire a CFO to track profit and cash flow, analyze the business’s strengths and weaknesses, and propose corrective actions. 
  2. CFOs are strategists and use numbers to drive decision making.
  3. A CFO is a forward-looking advisor. They understand the past and the future and put together a plan to help the business grow. 
  4. It’s this “forward focus” that sets a CFO apart from your bookkeeper, CPA, or accountant. They help tie your numbers to your goals and create a real plan for success!

Almost every big business has a CFO, and it’s someone that ALL businesses really need on their team. Since in-house CFO’s are usually way too expensive for most small businesses, I’ve created an affordable way for business owners to receive the skills and knowledge of a CFO without the price tag. 

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