Fractional CFO 


Do You Know Where Your Business is Financially?

Our fractional CFO service provides you with a clear financial picture, an action plan to reach your goals, and checks in regularly to make sure your business stays on track.


What Is
A Fractional CFO?

A CFO tracks profit and cash flow, analyzes a business’ financial strengths and weaknesses, and proposes corrective actions. While employing an in-house CFO can cost you upwards of $150,000 per year, a fractional CFO gives you the same skills and service at a fraction of the price tag.

Fractional CFO

We Look Beyond The Books

All of our packages are completely customized, charged on a flat monthly fee. You’ll know exactly what to expect each month and there will never be surprise costs.
Our packages include:
  • Annual meeting to set goals and financial targets for the year
  • Monthly financial analysis and forecasting
  • Monthly Scoreboard and Action Plan creation
  • Monthly review meeting
  • Unlimited support/advice as needed


How work with us

Working With SJP Services Group

Working with SJP Services Group means you receive the full service, from financial assessment to review and presentation to ongoing support.



We meticulously assess every inch of your business’ finances so we understand the full scope of your business, identify any problems, and work out how to resolve them.


Review and Presentation

We review our findings and present them to you in an easily understandable and digestible way, so we’re all clear and on the same page moving forward.



As part of our full service, our commitment to you doesn’t end there. We provide ongoing support to you so you know you can count on us whenever you need us.

what will you get

What A Fractional CFO Could Do For Your Business

Save on Overheads

When a full-time CFO doesn’t fit into your budget, a fractional CFO can and will.

Risk Management

A fractional CFO will assess and manage your financial risks, protecting your vital assets.

Assist with Strategic Planning

More than just accounting and bookkeeping, a fractional CFO looks to your future with you and maps out how to get you there.

Ensure Financial Foundations

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, a solid financial foundation is key.

Increase Profits

Thanks to the costs you’re saving with a fractional CFO combined with their wealth of expertise, you’ll see your profits increase with their work.

Audit Support

A fractional CFO, with their 10+ years of experience, can answer auditor questions and take the lead for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

A fractional CFO is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) that a business outsources rather than hiring a full-time, in-house CFO.

When you work with SJP Services Group, you get the benefit of a CFO for a fraction of the cost if you were to hire someone full-time.

You’ll finally understand the financial health of your business – and what to do about it. We will be your go-to financial guide!

We help business owners that are feeling stuck in their business, are struggling with controlling their growth, or are unsure of the best next steps for them to take. We analyze their financial health and provide them with one clear path to a growing and more profitable business.

Being a business owner can be lonely. When you hire SJP Services Group we come along side you every step of the way. You will no longer have to be in it by yourself!

The cost varies from client to client and is based on your current gross revenue, number of years in business, and your business size. We want to meet our clients where they are.

An accountant is usually focused on how your business has done in the past. They record your transactions, reconcile your books, prepare your financial statements and usually leave it there.

A CFO is a forward looking advisor that understands both the past AND the future and can put together a plan to help the business grow. We help tie your numbers to your goals and create a real plan for success!

Yes! We put together a one-page “scorecard” each month that clearly shows you where you business is at financially. We will talk through what is driving your revenue, profit, and cash flow, and any changes that need to be made to get closer to your goals.

That’s up to you! If you are willing to learn, adapt, and stick to the plans we give you it will absolutely work for your business. We will give you the tools and the advice, but it’s up to you to make it work.

We get to know you and the goals that you have for your business. Then, we’ll set financial targets that will allow you to accomplish them. Each month, we will track your actuals and forecast out where we think you’ll end up at the end of the year. We will put together an action plan aimed at helping you get closer to your targets and meet every month mo make sure you stay on track.

The next step is to get on a call with us so we can learn about your business, goals, and pain points. Once we know a little bit more about you we will do a free financial assessment and give you a quote for our monthly fee.


Why Choose SJP Services Group?

Beyond The Numbers

When it comes to numbers, we not only see them for what they are— we also see what they represent, and what they could represent in the future.

Relationships Matter

We’re humans, not machines, and we see you for the human you are as well. Numbers are a big part of our job, but they’re not the only thing we excel at.

We Think Forward

With traditional accounting services, the work ends when the report is done. We take it a step further and work with you to understand what’s working, what’s not, and how to make any changes you need to lead you to long-term success.

Our Values Are Strong

At our core, we value accountability, growth, integrity, respect, and teamwork. You can trust us to lead you down the path that’s best for you.

We’re Growth-Minded

When you want to grow your profit margins but you’re not sure how you can do so as a small or medium-sized business, we’ve got the solutions you need.

SME Experts

We’re well-versed in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to meet and exceed their financial goals.

Get Started

Book A Free Financial Assessment

When the financial side of your business is weighing on you more than you’d like, you don’t need to carry it on your own. With a free financial assessment from SJP Services Group, you’ll receive expert help that will save you money in the short term and can also help you increase your profits substantially in the long term.
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